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“A Coach will honour the client as the expert in their own life and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole.” 

Life Coaching is working in partnership with individuals to get them to where they want to be without doing it for them.

Why do people want coaching:


  • they want to take advantage of a compelling or exciting opportunity;

  • they want to fill a personal gap in knowledge, skills, or confidence;

  • they want to improve their results in certain aspects of their life;

  • they desire more clarity in order to make choices in their life;

  • they want to identify their core strengths and how to leverage them.   

What can you expect from coaching:

  • Focus on yourself and your success. 

  • Embrace tough questions and hard truths. 

  • Observe the behaviours and communications of others.

  • Listen to your intuition, assumptions and judgments.

  • Understand the way you sound when you speak.

  • Challenge your existing attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. 

  • Develop new attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that better serve your goals. 

  • Take decisive actions, no matter how uncomfortable they might seem. 

  • Show yourself compassion and maintain composure while learning new behaviours and experiencing setbacks. 

  • Commit to not taking yourself too seriously. 

  • Continuously engage in self-examination to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Have the courage to reach for more. 

What is coaching not:


  • Therapy - primarily focused on healing pain, conflict or difficulties arising from the past that hamper the emotional function of the client. There’s a lot of communication about the client’s past.


  • Mentoring - purely based on improved results in a specific field. Mentors provide advice based on their own experience.


  • Training - programs have objectives defined by the trainer. They mostly have a linear learning path. 

Here at Simple Coaching Solutions, we believe that we are here to make life easier for our clients.  By offering a safe and nurturing environment for them to explore the possibilities and ultimately to be able to live the life they want by design – not by default.  We believe happiness is a choice that is available to everyone.  We offer bespoke packages that can be designed around our clients needs and requirements and whenever possible we will use the outdoors and nature to enrich these experiences.

Current Packages:

Work on a 1:1 basis with Rachel in a variety of ways:

  • Walk and Talk: prices start at £300 for a half day (3 hours) and a 30 minute follow up call.  Choose a location to suit you from Killerton Estate, Woodbury Common, Dartmoor and East Devon Coast paths (other locations could be considered)


  • Zoom: prices start from £320 for 4 x 45 min sessions over 8 weeks.


  • Combination of both: prices start at £600 for a half day followed up with 4 Zoom sessions.


 At Simple Coaching Solutions, We also offer:

Personal Development Coaching will help you gain the tools to grow in confidence, self-awareness and gain motivation.

Leadership Coaching develops leaders who understand how get the very best out of themselves and others.

Team Development Coaching creating environments for teams to work on understanding their purpose, building relationships and communicating effectively.  

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