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“What is Synergy?” Simply defined, it means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  It means that the relationship that the parts have to each other is a part in itself.  It is not only a part, but the most catalytic, the most empowering, the most unifying and the most exciting part.” Stephen R Covey – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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When Simple Coaching Solutions was created it was the desire of Rachel Symns, the founder, to create a business to unite people in a truly synergistic way.  When people work effectively together the results can be life changing, they can be world changing and it can make life simpler for everyone.

Are you looking for help to run a personal development event, a programme or a retreat?  We can offer professional facilitation at extremely reasonable rates.  Whether you are looking for an extra pair of hands, a workshop within the event or help to organise an internal team event, then we can help.

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Rachel’s network of coaches can provide top quality coaching and facilitation for your event.  Specialising in personal and team effectiveness, we have resources that will make your event truly special.

We have a wide range of resources, including Insights Discovery psychometric profiling, experienced outdoor coaches and leaders and experiential coaching tasks.  Whatever your team event needs are we can help.  We can travel anywhere in the world and can be equally as happy organising a virtual event.

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Our resources:


  • Insights Discovery Practitioners

  • Team Development Specialists

  • Life Coaches

  • Walk and Talk Coaching Specialists

  • Experiential Learning Tasks

  • Partnerships with Training Venues

Our Services:

  • Associate Facilitation (lead and assistant)

  • Corporate Team Development Programmes

  • Leadership Programmes

  • Team Building

  • Executive Coaching

  • Group Coaching 

  • Insights Discovery Workshop



Rachel Symns – Life Coaching Walk and Talk (South West) Insights Discovery Practitioner and Team Development

Simon Reed – Team Development and Expeditions

Meg Holloway – Life Coaching Walk and Talk (North West)

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